24 March 2015

Book Review ~ Manwhore ~ Katy Evans

This book is a MORE THAN 5 Stars kind of book and I can NOT wait for the next book to come out so I can see what happens. Katy Evans has done it again, and has made me fall in love with yet another book boyfriend that can compete with Remy.

Manwhore….Where do I start? This book grabs you from the very first page and keeps your attention until the very last. It is a: can’t eat, can’t sleep, don’t clean the house, and let the kids run wild while I read kind of book. And if you start it before bed thinking you will just read a couple of chapters, be prepared to have a book hangover the next day, and to be extremely needy with your partner during and after reading.

Rachel is a girl who is trying to make her way as a journalist. When she finally lands a big story that could not only launch her career, but save her company from going under, she thinks she can handle it. But that was all before she met the city’s number one playboy, Malcolm Saint. From their very first meeting she felt something between them, but tried to deny it because she really wanted to get this story. But life and love don’t play by any set of rules.

Malcolm Saint has never had a problem getting women into his bed. But when he meets Rachel, he is intrigued. Never has a woman captivated his interest like she has, but she doesn’t seem interested in what he has to offer. Slowly he starts to change his ways and want more than he has ever wanted before. But Rachel is keeping something very important from him that threatens everything that they start to build together.

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