27 October 2015

Release Day Blitz ~ Truth or Dare ~ Aimee McNeil

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1.                   I love chocolate in the morning. 

2.                   I am a neat freak. 

3.                   I don’t like ice cream or candy. I obviously don’t classify chocolate as candy!

4.                   I love fruits and vegetables. 

5.                   I believe in ghost and aliens. Because why not?

6.                   Love to write while listening to music. It’s very inspirational.

7.                   I became a mother before I was legally able to drive. I now have 3 wonderful children!

8.                   Love tea. Never acquired a taste for coffee.

9.                   I am a horrible liar. 

10.               I love traditions, new and old.

11.               I don't like talking on the phone. I like to see the people I talk to.

12.               Love to dance. 

13.               Summer is my favorite season. 

14.               I have been cursed with delayed wit. I always think of the best things to say after the fact. 

15.               Love to paint. I love all art.

16.               Favorite time to write is in the mornings (with chocolate and tea!)


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