25 September 2015

Cover Reveal ~ Rogue ~ Callie Hart

So I am in LOVE with this cover! It's freaking amazing and Callie Hart is a GENIUS when it comes to writing so I knwo that this book is going to be amazing. But if you want further proof, here's the blurb to go with this amazing hotness along with some teasers!

Release date: 

October 25th


When people get too close to me, they wind up dead. Blood. Bullet holes. Stab wounds. I’ve kept my identity secret to protect the ones I love, but now the most dangerous man in my world knows exactly who I am… And he’s coming for me.
Hector Ramirez has brought war to my doorstep, but he won’t win. 
I’ll fight to defend the vulnerable.
I’ll kill to protect my club. 
But I’ll die to save the woman I love.

Don't those abs just make you drool?
 Heck they make me want to run my tongue all over them.
 But don't worry, they are safe from me and my over active imagination.

Anyways, get ready for this amazing book to come out on Oct 25th.

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