18 December 2014

Review Blog Tour:The God Organ by Anthony

Immortality is within reach. 

In 2063, a biotechnological revolution sweeps the nation. Behind this movement is Chicago-based medical giant LyfeGen. The company leads the biotech industry with their Sustain, an implantable artificial organ designed to grant its recipients near-immortality. But many of those recipients are suddenly dying. 

Biomedical scientist Preston Carter developed the Sustain to improve and save lives. Yet there are others that would see him fail. Extreme religious groups, radical movements, and competing corporations would prefer to see LyfeGen collapse rather than allow “the god organ” to fundamentally alter medicine and the human body. In a race against time, Carter must learn to trust resourceful journalist Audrey Cook. She may hold the key to discovering who is sabotaging the Sustain. And with the organ already implanted in his own body, Carter must uncover the truth before he’s killed by his invention. 

THE GOD ORGAN is a near-future medical thriller that takes the reader on a suspenseful ride filled with sinister conspiracies, intriguing biomedical science, and rampant corruption that will leave readers wondering just how dangerous becoming a god may really be. 


For a while, Cody walked aimlessly. He pushed through the crowds, taking pleasure in bumping into people and disrupting their jovial moods. He smirked each time his shoulders connected with them. He watched one man in his early twenties teeter over and fall into another. They started to jostle each other with slurred expletives and shoves. Cody watched for a moment as others joined the fray, physical lunges and punches all resulting from the brief moment of contact Cody had had with the first slobbering drunk.
He escaped past the clubs and into the seedy streets where establishments like Percy’s Gentlemen’s Club and Leather Horses made their home. Between the eager faces of boys barely old enough to be considered men, there walked other, worn faces. Men who knew no satisfaction in their lives outside of the brief moments that resulted after transferring money through a simple touch on their comm card in exchange for a private dance or an illicit kiss. Cody felt camaraderie with those men, the hopeless and the lonely.
He continued on, though, without enough money available through his comm card to purchase any services from a live stripper. In fact, he no longer possessed enough money to make use of the virtual holostrippers in the cruddy private viewing chambers on Racine Avenue.
Despite his eagerness to leave Chicago, he had no discernible means to accomplish that feat. Tomorrow, he hoped, that might all change. But he had learned not to count on anything as ephemeral as hope and optimism.

Anthony J Melchiorri is a writer and biomedical engineer living in Maryland. He spends most of his time developing cardiovascular devices for tissue engineering to treat children with congenital heart defects when he isn't writing or reading.

I thought that the book was an amazingly unique read. I am really happy that I was able to particiapte in the tour. Anthony gives us a fresh look at the future of science.  Written about the futuristic medical and research forums, we are introduced to a phenomenal medical breakthrough. The Sustain or "god organ" is a device surgically inserted into the human body that guarantees longer life span and slows down signs of aging and keeps all your other organs healthy. But someone is trying to sabotage the project by killing off the CEO who had the device. Could it be someone on the inside or someone who is jealous because they can't afford the device themselves?

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