12 January 2014

The Promise by Kate Benson

So another book I recently got done reading was The Promise by Kate Benson. As my three year old would say O. M. G.!! I had an extremely hard time putting this book down. Here is the synopsis and my take on it!

Devastated by circumstances beyond her control, Sophie Ryan’s life rips her from the arms of her first love, Jack. With only memories of their lost love, she’s forced to start over in a new town; surviving on her own for the first time since he left. Trying to begin her new life, fate decides a different direction for her, causing her to make a choice she never thought she’d have to.

Unsure of commitment after his failed engagement, Chase Mitchell finds himself stuck on a path of failed conquests and late nights at the bar. That is until he finds a pair of mesmerizing green eyes sitting in his usual spot. Something about this quiet girl forces him to question everything he has ever thought about love.

As Sophie looks down at the fork that’s presented in her path, will she choose the right direction? Will she be able to move towards the arms of the man who stands in front of her? Or will she choose to keep her promise to the one life forced her to leave behind?


This is a beautiful story of a girl and her best friend trying to get over the loss of someone. Jack was a soldier in the army trying to make the world a safer place for his sister Ana and fiancĂ© Sophie. None of them imagined that weeks after he came home on leave that he would die. But that's what happened leaving Ana and Sophie to pick up the pieces of their lives. Deciding that she can't move on in her hometown, Ana packs up her and Sophie and moves them to a new town a few hours away to make a fresh start. On her first day in town, Ana meets Drake who literally takes her breath away. That same evening Sophie meets Chase while visiting Ana at work. The feelings he revives in her scare her and she tries to run so she can protect her heart. Eventually her and Chase get together, but Sophie hasn't told Chase about Jake and has a hard time opening up about what broke her heart. They end up working through things, but not until they get in a big fight when someone from Sophie's past comes for a visit and a Chase gets jealous. After working through their problems things seem to be getting better, only to fall apart again. Thus time they break up because of an ex and just when they are trying to work things out, there us an accident and someone's life hangs in the balance. 

I can not wait to see what mrs benson does with the next book because this cliffhanger ending is killing me!! Totally a 4.5 star book, probably would gave been more but that cliffhanger got me!

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