08 March 2016

Happy Release Day to Wendy Higgins!!

I am super excited today. In fact I was so super excited today that I kept my kids home from school, just so I could meet up with one of my favorite authors to help her celebrate her new book release!

That’s right, I met up with Wendy Higgins at Barnes & Nobel to help celebrate The Great Hunt’s release! Wendy was super sweet and even suggested that we get a picture together, because while I wanted to ask if we could get one, I didn’t want to be creepy stalker weird lol. I had told her a few days before that if she was in the area I would be more than happy to meet up to help her celebrate. Today has been just one more day that I was glad I was able to talk my husband into moving us to VA while he was going on deployment.

Anyways, after meeting up at BN and talking for a little bit, we went off in search of her books, but since they didn’t have it on the shelves yet, we decided to head over to another of her stops for the day. AFK Books, not only had her book on the shelf, but they had it out on display with other new releases. So I picked up my copy and I am now off to get started reading it, so I can do a review and tell you how awesome it was!

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