04 December 2015

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Title: Astaroth (Harbinger Novella #2)


Author: Jennifer Field


Genre: Paranormal Erotica


Release Date: Nov 24, 2015


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Abigale Colebrook married a man she thought would sweep her off her feet and into the lap of luxury. Only, the man he portrayed was very different from the man he really was. Dark secrets lay within the Colebrook Estate and she finds herself being used as nothing more than a pawn in Lairds' sick games.



That is, until a handsome stranger rings their doorbell. 



He was sent by Pesta to meet Laird Colebrook and locate the legendary statue of Asher and Faye, but no relic could compare to the blonde beauty that swept into his heart.



The moment he laid eyes on Abigale Colebrook, he knew he had to have her. And the moment he kissed her, he knew no one would get in his way. It didn’t matter that her husband was the very man he came to do business with, the very man who controlled her every move.



He was Astaroth, one of the seven princes of the underworld, commander of forty legions, and the leader of the seven armies--no one could take from him what he desired.










He turned and smiled down at Abby. Her beauty would steal his heart, if he even had one worth stealing. “Well, it’s an Imp, they aren’t very high up on the demonic food chain. I’m really looking for something a lot more special with amazing beauty and uniqueness. Not unlike yourself.” His hand came up and brushed along the side of her cheek.



Her eyes closed and her face nuzzled against his hand, a gentle smile spreading across her lips. “Laird asked me to come down here and show you what he has to offer.”



“Did he now? Well, I guess I’m luckier than I thought.” He held out his hand for her to take. If he was going to walk beside a beautiful woman, then he was going to touch her in any way he could.



She glanced down at his large, outstretched hand, contemplating whether or not she should take it. After all, he was a guest, and obviously foreign. Perhaps it was customary for guests to hold hands in his country. Okay, she was grasping at straws, but any excuse she had to touch this magnificent man, she was surely going to take. She placed her small hand into his and they began walking the long length of storage.



As they walked hand in hand, it became apparent he was looking for something specific.



“So, Roth, that’s an unusual first name?”



“My actual name is Astaroth, but it’s a mouthful, so I go by Roth.”



“Astaroth, as in a prince of Hell coming forth in the shape of a fouled angel, sitting upon an infernal dragon, carrying a viper in his right hand?” She smiled up at him and gave a curt laugh as she spoke. Who would name their child Astaroth? How odd.



“I haven’t actually ridden a dragon in years, but that’s me.”



She had to laugh at his statement. “Oh, really?” She stopped and pulled back, yet didn’t release his hand to look him up and down.



“Are you saying I don’t look like a prince of Hell?” He looked down at his casual jeans, boots, and black t-shirt. Not exactly the attire of royalty, but showing up with a crown made of human bones would probably scare her off, and that was the last thing he wanted to do.



She stood on her tiptoes and ran her hand along the scruff on his face. “Hmm, I’ll give you the devilish good looks and charm, that’s for sure.”



His hand came up and covered hers. “Is that all you’ll give me?”



His words sent a flood of heat to her belly and a tingle of anticipation between her legs. There was no denying his meaning as he spoke to her. He wanted much more than to just hold her hand. The moment seemed to last an eternity as they silently stared into each other’s eyes, neither wanting to be the first to break contact.



Neither one could answer the question, but the answer was the same for both of them. Each would give the other anything they could ever want, all either had to do was ask, and there would be no turning back.



Their moment was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming down the long aisle they were standing in. Abby knew it was Laird; he had a very distinct and powerful walk. She tried to pull away, fearful her husband would find them in a near embrace, but Roth pulled her in closer. So close, their bodies were now flush from chest to knee.



“When can I see you again?” His voice was barely above a whisper, nothing that would ever be overheard, especially by human ears.



“You can’t, I’m sorry.”








Twice Lost (#1) – Released Sept 15, 2014



**NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner for Summer 2015 Best Book in the Category of Romance Fantasy**

Jenna Thanatos thought she was ordinary; just your everyday girl with a healthy sexual appetite and a few kinks to boot. After moving to Maine to be closer to her boyfriend, Kyle, Jenna was starting a new chapter in her life. Little did she know, this chapter had more to offer than she ever thought possible. One night of fun exhibitionism turns Jenna’s world upside down and shoves her face first into a world she never knew existed. Harbinger. Female Harbinger. The thing of legends, a myth foretold by ancient seers, but it couldn’t be true. She was just her. Besides, things like that didn’t exist. After being kidnapped, shot at, chased, and sprouting wings, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Timoteus, an ancient Harbinger, has been searching for Jenna for years after finding out that she truly did exist, keeping a long-term promise to an old friend to watch over his family line. His duties were to protect her, train her, and make the foretold prophecy come to fruition. After saving Jenna, they find themselves still being hunted, landing Tim right in the middle of an operation he never dreamed could exist.

Benneit Colebrook took over his father’s business after his death last year. When the mention of a female Harbinger was whispered in his ear, he knew he had to have the rare and precious being to add to his collection. And, he would do anything to get her.

Jenna now finds herself in an underground compound with two sexy as hell men, hiding away from the people hell-bent on taking her. Why? She has no clue. Yesterday she was normal, today she’s not only in a fight for her life, but also the lives of all beings that have been disappearing for centuries.

Will Jenna be able to accept who she is and face this new world head-on, or will everything come crumbling down before she has a fighting chance?

*Warning: Intended for audiences 18 yrs and older. Contains graphic sex scenes and hot men!*







Tye’s Undoing (Novella #1) – Released May 1, 2014



Tyberius Frelser, Professor of Theology & Ancient Greek History and Harbinger of Death, has lived in Boston for the past three-hundred years, deciding to stay in his beloved city after the death of his wife, a tragedy that broke his heart. As a Harbinger, he is a tortured man, sentenced to a life he never asked for. As a professor, he is well renowned for his difficult curriculum and grading system. Upon flipping through student profiles, Tye comes across one he finds more than intriguing.



Margret Cole is a quiet, understated Grad student at Boston University, dreading the final class she needs to complete her doctorate in Ancient Religion. Since her mother’s untimely death when she was only twelve years old, she has suffered from nightmarish visions. Though the scene of her vision has always been the same, the battle between good and evil has become more clear over the years. And, at the center of this battle, are deep brown eyes and a handsome face that have haunted her for as long as she can remember.



Fascination and curiosity lead Tye and Margret on a path of exploration into not only her visions, but her bed, something neither have the desire to stop. But there is another player in this game, a powerful force with an agenda of their own.



Can Tye convince Margret that her visions are more special than she realizes before it’s too late, or will she ultimately become Tye’s Undoing?









She currently lives in Western Massachusetts and has a love for adventure that makes her who she truly is. As an avid mountain climber & hiker it is not unusual for her to be hanging off of a 5.9 in the Adirondacks or the Shawangunk Mountain ranges. During the off-season of climbing, also known as winter, she attends the New England Center for Circus Arts where she studied static trapeze (think Cirque rather than Circus). 


She’s an only child so has her mother to thank for her over active imagination and knack for storytelling. Over the years she's written several short stories of the "naughty" nature. But had never envisioned herself as a writer. Just someone who enjoyed telling a steamy story from time to time.







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