07 August 2015

Release day Blitz for Hidden Queen by Roanna M Phillips

Title: Hidden Queen
Series: Royal Mates
Book # 1
Genre: Erotic Romance, SiFi

“Find your queen, then you may rule.” These words stopped Kyran from fighting the aliens that have invaded his world and sent him looking for his fated mate, who disappeared more than twenty years ago. While he searches, assassins stalk his every move, making it obvious that there is a deeper plot playing out. Will he find his lost queen but end up losing her to intrigue and deceit, or will he discover a way to protect his queen, keep his crown and save his people?

Kyran spotted her in the crowd and he came to a stop – all of the will to move was gone. The deep-rooted instinct of his people, the Magargin, blew every ounce of discipline from his mind. She was his mate, his queen, and it was his right to claim her. That was all that mattered. Her look was rare among his people, and it would give him great pleasure to return to his country with her by his side.
Her thick, red hair hung in waves down her back like liquid fire and she had the most vivid green eyes that flashed with laughter as she traded in the market. Her beauty was the very description often heard of women from one clan that had lived high in the mountains of a province in his kingdom. To discover such a woman was destined to be his mate, made him feel even more worthy of the position of king.
Finesse would have dictated that he approached her and started a conversation in the market, but things hadn’t gone that way. Now, the chase had full control of his mind. She had run at the sight of him, and that action had spurred a wildness in him Kyran had never experienced before. He had to have her…and he would have her at any cost.
Which is why, Kyran was perched over the neck of his horse with the weight of his whip balanced in his fingers. He had to catch her no matter what.
Fumbling to grip the security field key that had been tucked in the hidden waist pocket of her pants, Nyx pointed it towards the protective barrier around her compound while she used her knees to remain seated on her horse’s back. To her shock the key was ripped from her fingers…

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