19 August 2014

Callie Hart~ Twisted ~Release Day Review

Ok, so have you heard that Twisted by Callie Hart went live today? Because if you haven't, you have to live under a dang rock.  But in case you missed it, this is what it looks like.

My goodness does that cover look AMAZING!!

Anywho, this book starts off where book 4 ended. I have to say that you do get to go further in Zeth's head than I thought possible. But you do, and when you see lives in the middle of his mind all the time, no matter what is going on around them, he is going to steal another piece of not just your heart, but your soul as well. You get to learn a little about his past, and a little of what makes him the way he is.

You also get to see Sloane get a little stronger in this book. It seems like everything, she is finally able to get a backbone and start standing up for herself, to her friends, even to Zeth a little. But it just makes her stronger and I love how strong she is getting.

Here's a little teaser to get you motivated to getting it:
"This can be different" he says, breathing hot air over the bare skin of my stomach,. "But it will never be that different. I am always going to own you Sloane."

I shiver feeling.....feeling relief.
"That's what I want. That's what I need."

Well what are you waiting for?


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