18 February 2014

Undefeated review

Undefeated by Scott Hildreth

This was a rather interesting book. There is Shane Dekker who is a boxer from Compton who moves to Austin Texas. He is so far undefeated and needs to find a trainer and manager so when he pulls up to a gym where he is suppose to meet a possible trainer he decides the best way to prove himself is to fight. He ends up fighting the biggest person there and comes out of the ring still undefeated. But the most interesting thing about Shane is that he has this thing about helping women who are in some sort of abusive relationship.

That's where Kace comes into the picture. She has spent the last 8 years in an abusive relationship. She reads to escape reality, but one day her Kindle gets her in trouble with her boyfriend. While her boyfriend is yelling at her and smashing her kindle on the ground in public, this handsome stranger steps in and asks if everything is alright.

While Kace doesn't initially say anything about needing help, she does mouth the words help me as she is driven away from Shane. But for now it's too late for him to help her. Fast forward a couple of years and they run into each other again and he ends up saving her from her abusive boyfriend. They end up together and fight to overcome demons from the past.

This is a good story about abusive relationships and the fall out of them. While I liked the storyline I thought it could have been written a little better. But since it dealt with something so real and kept it in perspective I gave it 4 stars. I can't wait to see what Mr Hildreth comes out with next.

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